We're Always Looking For Amazing Therapists to Join Our Team!

We are looking for Interns, LMHCAs, LMFTAs, LMHCs, and LMFTs to join our team. The ideal candidate will have experience or interest in working with clients who are part of the LGBTQ+ community, polyamorous folx, and neurodivergent folx. The right therapist for us will be self-motivated, autonomous, and passionate about working with neurodivergent humans, interested in pursuing a focus on sex therapy, has an understanding about relational-cultural apporach, and will be comfortable working with clients from diverse backgrounds. Therapists with EMDR training or therapists with an interest in working with neurodivergent humans with trauma backgrounds (NOT ABA Therapy) are a great fit! If you are a fully licensed therapist and able to supervise, we have opportunities for this as well with additional pay benefits!

Duties & Responsibilities for this position

🌈 Develop and implement individualized treatment plans for clients

🌈 Provide individual, couples, and polycule therapy sessions

🌈 Be open and willing to work with diverse clients and difficult topics

🌈 Monitor client progress and modify treatment plans as needed

🌈 Maintain accurate records of client progress and treatments

🌈 Provide crisis intervention services when needed

🌈 Develop and maintain professional relationships with colleagues and supervisors in the practice

🌈 Self-advertise on therapist forums seeking clients on your own (e.g. Psychology Today, Therapy Den, Inclusive Therapists, etc)

🌈 Ability to work preferably a minimum of 15 hours per week with autonomy around days/hours

🌈 participate in blog writing and contributions towards advertising yourself by using our platforms to promote your services (yay free advertising!!)

This position is a contracted 1099 role, so you will have autonomy over your own schedule and the clients that you work with. You will benefit from Dr. Misty's experience as an AASECT-certified sex therapist, EMDR therapist, and art therapist through case consultations. Supervision with Misty or other supervisors in the practice is free for all therapists working within the practice. We do not work directly with insurance and are private pay only, though we do provide superbills and sliding scale rates to clients when in need.

**We are very Particular about who we hire and all new hires are on a probationary period for 1-3 months to ensure that it's a good fit for all. If at any time we decide it's not a good fit, we may have a discussion with you to determine whether changes can be made, but if those changes are not possible, we may need to make the difficult decision to cut ties in our work together. It is absolutely imperative that all of our therapists are neurodivergent aware, queer aware, sex positive, understand the usage of pronouns and preferred names, etc.

our work environment includes:

🌈 Growth opportunities to get involved with our other projects including FlowArt Academy, Neurosparkly, & Baby Therapists

🌈 Flexible working hours that you choose with full autonomy

🌈 Ability to choose pay structure and fees charged for services

🌈 Continuing Education stipend each year

🌈 Support around career growth and certification goals

🌈 Free Supervision for Associate Licenses from a nationally certified supervisor

🌈 Amazing mentorship from therapists with specialized backgrounds including trauma work, sexual assault trauma processing, OCD, crisis counseling, religious trauma, co-occurring disorders, sex therapy, art therapy, IFS, EMDR, etc.

🌈 Paid Vacation each year

🌈 Free access to Simple Practice, our EHR platform

🌈 Opportunity to case consult and network with other therapists on a day-to-day basis

🌈 Telehealth-only position that allows you to focus on self-care while working from your home office

🌈 Weekly pay with direct deposit

🌈 join us for our annual anniversary celebration dinner every september (Dinner is on Dr. Misty!)

🌈 1099 contract work with flexibility and autonomy over your own schedule and clients

🌈 Have access to an established social media network, newsletter, and blog to promote yourself on


Transparency in pay and our plans for the future

FlowArt Therapy is a small business that is owned by one queer, neurodivergent woman. I believe in equity and livable wages, especially for marginalized humans. As a small business, I am working towards building more equity into this practice by paying a competitive contractor rate with opportunities for growth. My intention in the future is to be able to continue to build in fringe benefits to support self-care and pay equity. Currently, associate-level therapists start at a rate of 50% pay of all services, and fully licensed therapists are paid starting at a rate of 60% of all services.

Opportunities for growth occur when therapists build towards full-time (20+ client hours per week) client capacity. When a therapist is able to see 20 clients per week for a month, the percentage rate is increased by 5% (55% for A’s, 65% for fully licensed). Then, after 6 months of having a steady client load of 20 clients per week, you’ll receive another 5% raise (that’s 60% for A’s, 70% for fully licensed)! It’s a lot of effort and I want to honor the time commitment that therapists who bust their ass to serve so many people within our communities.

As we continue to grow, I am intending to be in a position to pay my interns a living wage as well, I just need a bit more time to get us established with fully licensed therapists and associates.

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If you or someone you know is in immediate, life-threatening danger and decide to call 911, please be aware that police are not equipped to offer mental health support and may even pose danger to People of Color, Neurodivergent people and Disabled people.

Please ALSO reach out to community leaders, neighbors, friends, and family to be present if you are calling the police.

Please note that some crisis line workers are mandated to report calls regarding suicide to the police. If this is a concern, we encourage you to first ask about their reporting policies before sharing.

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